Make this year a Handmade Halloween

Handmade Halloween

These Handmade Labyrinth Costumes can be yours for $10,000 from Deconstructress

It’s that time of year again where everyone is scrambling to find the right costume for Halloween. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably fallen victim to the whims of your kid’s costume ideas, changing from an animal of some kind one week to a favorite movie character the next. We live in an age of perpetual busyness with barely enough time to pull together dinner let alone a creative Halloween costume. There’s always a store around the corner with a packaged costume that’s good enough, but what if you want something more for this year’s one and only dress-up holiday?

Buy a Handmade Costume From a Professional

Etsy is the source for handmade Halloween costumes. From felt animal masks to elaborate fantasy costumes (as seen above from Deconstructress), you can find virtually anything to suit your fancy. You could spend $10 on a mask (I’ve been eyeing the Vintage masks) or upwards of $200 on the perfect fairy tale ensemble. And, coming from someone who sews, those expensive costumes are worth every penny.


Pirate Costume and Cinderella Costume From Fairytale Jubilee

Handmade Halloween

Felt Masks from Magical Attic

Sew Your Own Costume

I have a great appreciation for those who choose to hand make elaborate halloween costumes. Be it jaggedly cut felt and hot glue or heirloom quality craftsmanship, handmade costumes take an immense amount of time and effort. I should know–I make my kids’ costumes every year. When cutting fabric and sewing into the night with swollen pin-pricked fingers, I sometimes ask myself (though usually it’s my husband asking): Why do I do this?! All of my hard work is justified simply when my children put on their costumes for the first time and stare into the mirror with big amazed smiles. You may be thinking every kid has that smile no matter what costume or where it’s from, and you are right. However, costumes made by hand can last for generations, and the memories of the less storable but just as creative costumes may last longer. Let’s face it, those store bought costumes stay together for maybe two or three wears before a seam rips or the glued-on details peel off. The costumes I made for my daughter over the years are still in the dress-up rotation and will most definitely last many more playful years.

Handmade Halloween

Handmade Moonrise Kingdom Costumes from Skirt As Top

Handmade Halloween

The unicorn costume at age 2 and mermaid costume at age 4 I made for my daughter

Use Creative Resourcefulness

There are other types of fantastic handmade costumes that involve little or no sewing at all. For those who don’t have time or would rather sleep than frantically concoct something in the wee hours, there are other choices that can be just as inventive. The genius combination of found clothes and accessories or carefully sculpted cardboard and craft materials never fail to impress. A gorgeously spooky makeup application can turn heads if time and care is taken (and there is a plethora of makeup tutorials on YouTube to choose from). And then there are the thrown together and altogether silly costumes that live in memory often longer than the rest. When I was about 3, I declared I wanted to be a scribble and, without asking, proceeded to “make” my own costume by scribbling my entire body with colored markers. My mom did nothing but capture the memory, but it’s a costume that’s gone down in our family history.


Carl from the movie Up, featured on My Modern Met

Handmade Halloween

Amazing Sushi costume made mostly from cardboard, foam, and felt featured on Style Me Pretty Living


Me, age 3, as a scribble

So, if you make an effort and strain your brain a bit for a handmade Halloween costume, you will be rewarded. Take the time and you could make yourself or you kids a star for one night with memories that will last a lifetime!


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